Preserving Those Precious Firsts

That first smile. The first laugh. The moment he sits for the first time or pulls up. Her first bite of “real” food.

From birth to the first birthday, you and your baby will celebrate countless “firsts,” each one as heartwarming and amazing as the one that came before, and every one worth capturing. Sadly, capturing those moments in all their breathtaking glory is harder than it seems, especially when you have a wiggling, giggling little person in your lap who doesn’t always cooperate. A professional lifestyle photographer can help you preserve those precious moments without the mess, stress, or stiffness that often accompanies taken-at-home shots.

Whether you prefer studio poses that showcase the peaceful repose of a baby nestled in soft fabrics or candid shots that highlight your baby’s unique personality, a professional photo session will result in beautiful, high-quality images to share for a lifetime. Better yet, you’ll get to enjoy your baby’s first moments right alongside him, instead of from behind the lens of a camera. Now that’s truly something to treasure!

Ready to ensure you can relive those precious firsts over and over again? Contact Past Present Forever today for a complimentary consultation! (Read our “Services” page to learn more about packages, sessions, and specials.) Together, we’ll figure out the perfect combination of locations, props, wardrobe choices, and custom designs to turn your baby’s firsts into precious moments you can preserve for a lifetime.