What is Lifestyle Photography?

“Photography” is one of those words, like “art” and “literature” and “love,” that means different things to different people. For some people, it means artistic prints hanging in an art gallery. For others, it’s the fascinating images captured within the pages of magazines like National Geographic. Still others think of an old box of photos at home, photos that are all they have left of loved ones long past.

When thinking of a photography session though, most people call to mind the idea of “getting a picture taken.” That is, they think of sitting for a portrait, generally in a studio. A lifestyle photography session is something very, very different.

Lifestyle photography is a unique blend of art and memory that manages to combine all the different meanings of photography at once. The lifestyle photographer’s goal is to artfully capture the candid, everyday moments made famous by photojournalists for the purpose of telling a story. Doing this requires employing the studio photographer’s focus on props, backgrounds, and lighting, as well as the photojournalist’s focus on spontaneity and creativity.

During a lifestyle photography session, the photographer uses lighting, everyday props, color schemes, and clothing choices to evoke a mood and prepare an authentic, but artfully arranged environment. She then encourages her subjects to interact within that environment as they normally would – playing, laughing, and engaging with each other.

The end result is a beautiful story told through image. The story of the subjects and their lives. The story of the small – and monumental – moments they share. Their story, your story, presented realistically and artfully at once.

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