Picturing the Newborn

From the moment we find out we’re expecting, we fantasize about what our babies will look like. We imagine their perfect little fingers and toes, their adorable little noses. We wonder if they’ll have our eyes or our partners’ mouth. We dream of their smiles, and we practically live for those few, precious ultrasounds – those brief moments when we can finally see the lives we’ll one day hold.

It’s no wonder then, that from the moment they’re born, we want to capture every second. The first ride home. The first bath. We take picture after picture in our attempts to hold on to the memories we know we’re making – the images of the little people we know will so quickly grow bigger and older and away.

Sadly, these pictures often fail to give us what we want.

They’re out of focus, or we can’t get the baby to be still. Or they’re in-focus, but only when the baby is asleep. Or the baby’s nose doesn’t look right, or she’s never smiling, or he just doesn’t look as cute as he is in real life. What’s more, we can never seem to find the camera at the “right” moment, and we can’t hold both the baby and the camera at the same time anyway, which means we aren’t in any of the pictures.

Many of us, after living through several failed attempts at snapping the kind of picture we want to showcase on social media and mail to our family, decide to call in the professionals. We go to a portrait studio or we hire a photographer so we can get the ideal newborn photo – the one that truly captures how adorable and amazing our babies are. And, while this may give us a perfect single photo to paste on Christmas cards and birth announcements, it still doesn’t give us what we truly want.

It doesn’t give us the firsts. It doesn’t place our precious memories in a time capsule, for us, and our children’s children, to relive over and over again. It doesn’t capture the true smiles, the true story. A newborn lifestyle session, however, does. 

It gives us a beautiful reproduction of the life we share. The feedings. The bath. The stories. The smiles and loving glances. All with us as an active participant rather than as a frazzled eye behind a lens. And those are memories worth capturing.

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