Protecting the Past with Photo Restoration

At Past Present Forever, our mission lies in restoring Past memories, capturing Present memories, and preserving those memories Forever. With the devastating floods we’ve been experiencing recently here in the Central Texas area, that first part of our mission statement is more important now than ever.

What do you grab on the way out of the house, if there’s a fire? Your children and pets. After that? Almost every one we meet says the same thing: their memories. Mementos. Collections. Photographs. All the sentimental, precious, and irreplaceable things you can carry out by hand.
Sadly, this desire to protect our past memories isn’t always achievable. Floods rise too fast. Fires spread too quickly. Protecting our present – ourselves and our loved ones – takes obvious precedence, and the past is (seemingly) lost.

When we can’t protect the past, however, photo restoration can sometimes grant us the power to restore it. At Past Present Forever, we offer two services to help repair and replace photos: traditional restorations and the Guardian.

Our restoration services are outlined in detail here, and range from basic restorations, such as removing blemishes or fixing small tears, to extreme restorations, such as mold stain removal or repairing faded or damaged color. The Guardian is a special service for our clients that ensures the photos Nicole takes for them are safe and secure, regardless of what life and nature may throw at them. Clients who use this service can be assured that their photos are stored in three different locations and formats, thereby reducing the risk of loss.

A photograph of someone we can no longer hold is priceless. The images of our children before they transitioned from infant to toddler, toddler to child, child to teen, and teen to adult, become more precious with every passing year. Losing these memories can be heartbreaking, and it is our mission to help our clients avoid that loss whenever possible. If you’d like to know more about our photo restoration or Guardian services, please contact us today. Together, we can secure your past for generations to come.