Exist in Photos: Putting Yourself in the Picture

We all have family photos we treasure. Snapshots we love. Albums that are the first things we’d save in an emergency.

If you took them all out, however, and put them side by side, how many of those beloved pictures would include you?

Not many, I bet, if you’re a woman and mother, and that needs to change.
Nicole's most recent Family (phone) Snapshot.

Many of us, women especially, don’t feel good enough to be in photographs with our children and families. We worry about our waistlines, our jawlines. We dwell on blemishes and other perceived flaws. And, because of this, we are nearly always behind the camera instead of in front of it.

Living behind the scenes may ensure there’s no “proof” of our supposed imperfections, but it also means there are few, if any, images for our children and loved ones to include in their own beloved albums when we’re gone.  

This is something we don’t want to think about, for obvious reasons, but any of us who has lost a parent, grandparent, or other loved one already knows how important it is to have visual reminders. Memories fade. The trace of a smile. The tilt of a head. Time erases the details. If you’re always behind the camera, and never in front of it, how will your loved ones keep your image alive?
Nicole's most recent #existinphotos Self Portrait

At Past, Present, Forever, we want to encourage you to step into yourself, to grab the courage necessary to document your life with your family. Our day-in-the-life sessions are meant to capture you and your loved ones in your full, joyful glory, and Nicole is trained to do so in the most flattering ways, to ensure you – and your children – are left with memories you all can treasure forever.

This year, make the commitment to go beyond the vacation pictures and family photos full of everyone except you. Show yourself – and your children – that you value your existence enough to assume your rightful place in the picture. This is your life, too. Make sure you’re in it.

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