Day-in-the-Life vs. Lifestyle: Understanding the Difference

Lifestyle Session
Earlier this year, we posted a blog detailing our most frequently asked questions. Though we managed to cover a lot, one important question didn’t make it on the blog: What’s the difference between a day-in-the-life session and a lifestyle session?

Such an essential question! The type of session you choose can impact your family’s experience with photography, the type and number of photos you get, the range of memories you capture, and your budget. Strangely, it’s one that too few clients ask, and we think you should! So here’s our explanation:

A lifestyle session is a one-hour photography session that takes place wherever you and Nicole feel best tells your family’s story. That may be a favorite park, a lake or creek, your home, or a unique location that means something special to you.

Day-in-the-Life Session
A day-in-the-life session is a more in-depth preservation of you and your family’s day-to-day life. It typically starts at your home, and then travels to whatever locations are included in your family’s typical daily routine. These sessions may be half-day (4 hours), full day (8 hours), or from sun up to sun down (16 hours), depending on what works best for you.

To better understand the difference between the two, consider videos. A well-done, three-minute clip highlights the essence of a story and the character’s personalities. A full-length movie gives you that story in detail, fully fleshing out the characters and their individuality. Like Nicole’s lifestyle and day-in-the-life sessions, each video can artfully capture the candid, everyday moments of a life for the purpose of telling a story. The difference lies in the level of detail captured.

We hope that helps. If not, please contact us for additional information.

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